Tucson Real Estate Photography

Tucson Real Estate PhotographyThe photos of your listing are in many cases the most important aspect of a home listing. When a buyer’s agent pulls listings from MLS for their perspective home buyers it is often the photos of the home that have the most profound impact upon the buyer’s or the buyer’s agent’s decision to preview the listing or not. If you have a fantastic listing but poor photography and the home is not shown on this account, you may have just potentially lost thousands of dollars on a lost sale. Just like any marketing, real estate listings are about converting, so do not under any circumstances skimp on the real estate photography!

Better Than The Competition

As much as this pains us to state this, it needs to be done. Many of the local discount real estate “photographers” are portraying themselves as professionals but are nothing more than amateurs with an expensive DSLR camera and a cheap kit lens, and virtually no training or experience. We’ve seen and lost many sales to these guys because they are “cheap.” Their photos, however, are often fuzzy, taken from poor angles, and we’e even seen many examples where these guys catch themselves in their own photos in the listing’s mirrors and other reflective services! This is NOT the image that you want to be portraying to your clients! These people are paying you thousands of dollars to carefully mange the sale of their most valuable asset! As a real estate professional, it is your duty to represent them in the best way possible, and maximize their investment in using your services.

Tucson Real Estate PhotographyWhen you need a professional photographer to photograph a new listing, look no further than Arbiter Creative. Photos are shot utilizing a state-of-the-art DSLR cameras with premium ultra-wide-angle lenses to maximize room coverage and photo quality. Each photo is post-photography adjusted in professional photo manipulation software for maximum brilliance and impact. We can get angles that very few other real estate photographers can, such as tight bathroom shots because we have invested thousands of dollars in expensive, professional lenses, software that allows us to remove the reflections of the camera from mirrors and more. Because TucsonRealEstatePhotos.com is a subsidiary of Arbiter Creative, we have the resources to leverage digital photo manipulation for clearer shots even in dark places, dusk and dawn sunset opportunities and even tight spaces where an ultra-wide-angle lens is a must.