High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

One of the major developments of the digital photography age has been High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography. Essentially a photography technique that fills in the “gaps” of a camera’s limited sensor spectrum with the information provided by separate exposures. Using sophisticated software, a photographer is able to combine multiple exposures of the same subject matter to produce a photograph that contains much more color and light data than would be possible with any single exposure. Real estate photography lends itself especially well to high dynamic range photography, as it it is almost done utilizing a tripod and remote shutter actuation. High dynamic range photography allows a photographer to obtain the light data from outside of the windows and the interior of the home simultaneously with the proper range of exposures. There are many subjects that do not lend themselves overly well to high dynamic range photography such as active, moving subjects that cannot be held still for seconds at a time, but this is not typically the case for real estate photography.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography In Real Estate

On the software side of HDR photography, the results can range astronomically. Where one piece of software or settings can produce a photograph that appears surreal and super-saturated, another can produce, from the very same exposures, a washed-out and flat-looking photo that shows a lot of detail and captured “information” but is off-putting to the eye and generally unfavorable to present in a multiple listing service presentation. It is generally up to the photographer to find the most appropriate and best combination of software and settings to produce a photograph that is both realistic and pleasing to the eye. Many times it can take months of research, trial, experimentation and work to find a pleasing result–and that’s where we come in!

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography Advantages

As professional real estate photographers, we have done the leg work, paid for the expensive software and spent countless hours finding the perfect combination that produces extraordinary high dynamic range photographs of real estate. Our trade secrets have given us the ability to produce photos that are of much greater quality than our competitors. This technique that we utilize also has another benefit–it allows us to capture true-to-life exposures of your listing without the need for sophisticated flash bulbs and box lights that cast unnatural shadows and often cause distracting hot-spots. This allows us to photograph your listing more quickly and in a much less invasive manner. Using nothing more than a tripod and the camera controls, we are able to photograph the average home in about an hour and a half, allowing us to get out of your hair and get the photos returned to you more quickly!

We utilize HDR photography in almost every listing we shoot, which gives us that trademark high-quality look our clients have come to expect from us, and giving us just one more leg up on our competitors!