4 Types of Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography has really gained popularity over the years. Home sellers and realtors have realized that professional photography services can help them strike quick deals in addition to increasing home values. Real estate photography is divided into several subcategories but the most common ones are; residential, interiors, commercial and architectural. Let us look at each one of the 4 in details.

They are:

  1. Residential

    4 types of real estate photographyMost professional real estate photographers like Tucson real estate photography generate the highest percentage of their income through residential photography. In this category, a real estate photographer can either be requested for aerial or drone photography services depending on the clients’ needs. Alternatively, a client can request for either curb appeal, interior or exterior images for their town-homes, condos or any other residential property. It is the most common of the 4 real estate photography categories. In fact, the majority of Tucson real estate photos taken by the highest number of professional photographers fall under this category. It is believed that most of the professional photography services investors make between 80-100% of their revenues doing residential real estate photography.

  2. Commercial

    This category is not as common as compared to others but the demand for commercial photography is on the rise. Only a few of professional photographers can claim to have made their fortunes from commercial photography. Its unpopularity is blamed on its less licensing restrictions, longer usage terms and broader permissions. These may involve photographing restaurants, hotels, casinos and many other commercial related properties. Commercial photography requires incredible experience and advanced equipment for perfection. In this kind of photography, better, as opposed to more photography is key. Commercial Real Estate demands a much higher premium, typically over residential real estate, so the photos truly need to be shot by a professional. Often times photography is shot in addition to high-quality video and is more and more frequently shot with tools such as drones and near-cinematic levels of equipment.

  3. Architectural

    This is yet another major real estate photography category. In this category, photographers are required to take exquisite architectural photos for contractors, architects, civil engineering firms, designers or home builders. Architectural photography focuses more on highlighting the quality of functional designs, structural flow and construction of structures. Photographers are normally required to work closely with respective clients in pinpointing the exact features to photograph. It also requires the use of high-quality tilt-shift lenses, advanced lighting and accurate tripod heads for outstanding and impressive end products. Very few photographers can claim to have made more than 5% of their incomes from architectural photography.

  4. Artistic

    Typically not done as a strictly commercial endeavor, artistic real estate photography is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Very open to creative camera angles, lighting and artistic moods and imagery, this variety of real estate photography is often done for an artist’s portfolio and to sell individual photos in print or other consumable-based formats such as coffee table books and more. Chances are you have seen a lot of this type of photography in black and white. Often staircases, bell houses, aged wooden doors and decomposed abandoned buildings are the subjects of artistic real estate photography.

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